How to properly assemble wedding invitations?

Wedding rings with a wedding invitation and bouquet

You should plan your wedding carefully as it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You have one chance to impress your guests, so make sure you organize your invitations. You don’t have to send generic invitations that only include the venue and wedding date. These six steps will help you to assemble your invitations before sending them.

Assemble your cards in a proper order

Step 1 Place the wedding invitation on the table, with the words facing up.

Step 2 Place the reception card on top, with the wording facing up.

Step 3 Place your guest’s reply card underneath the envelope, with the wordings facing up. Place it next on top of the reception card.

Step 4: Continue this process with your directions cards, accommodation cards, and any other cards you need to be included in the inner envelope.

Step 5 Now, you have an entire invitation suite with all wordings facing upwards. Could you place them in an envelope? We will explain below the importance and roles of an inner envelope.

Step 6: Place the inner envelope with the front-facing you in the outer package.

Tip: Place enclosure cards facing upward inside a folded wedding envelope.

Two Envelopes

Two envelopes are used for wedding invitations. The traditional inner envelope is smaller, but the outer one contains several cards. This is the standard for modern weddings. This is why you should have two.

All the wedding cards, including accommodation and parking passes, are contained in the inner envelope. The inner envelope contains the names and titles of your guests. This is the only place where you can clearly state who will be attending your wedding. You do not need to include any address information or other details. Just the names and titles. The outer envelope will cover it.

What is the significance of an outer envelope? It’s only used for mailing purposes. Refer to your guests by their titles and first, middle, and last names when addressing them. If you’re unsure of their middle names, you can skip them. However, you cannot skip the first and second names.

You can choose to abbreviate titles when writing them. All other words must be printed fully. You can either spell out the entire state’s name or reduce it to its 2-letter universal version, also the postal code. (New York City, NY).

Assistance with Addressing Your Guests

Your wedding guest list will include many people from different backgrounds. Here are some additional tips to address the outer envelopes. These are important tips to help your guests feel valued and addressed properly.

  • You can spell out “and” to avoid using its symbols. Avoid all symbols
  • All words other than Ms., Mrs. and Mr. should be avoided.
  • Don’t write initials for titles like Cl for Colonel or Pst for Pastor.
  • When indicating postal codes or hose numbers, use only numerals
  • Children under 18 years old should be addressed only with their first names. Respect the rule of the oldest to youngest.

Return Addresses

How do you write the return addresses on your wedding invitations envelopes? The return address should be placed in the upper left corner of the front envelope. Print them or write the address in handwriting.

This decision will depend on your style and how many return envelopes you need. It is easier to print multiple custom labels and addresses if you have a large guest list. It is practical to address the return envelope manually if only a few invitees are there.

Stationery should not include the bride’s last name. You can use her last name on your wedding invitations, freebies, souvenirs, and thank you notes. This shows respect and thoughtfulness for others’ titles.

Now that you have mastered the conventions of addressing wedding guests, it’s time to shine!

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