How Flowers Fit in Your Bouquet: The Language of Flowers?

Bride holding wedding bouquet in her hands, close view

Weddings are a significant event in a couple’s lives. It reflects the relationship between the bride and the groom and their commitment to each other. Flowers are the best way to communicate your loyalty and commitment to your spouse. You can personalize your wedding by using flowers in your bouquet or floral arrangements with deep and specific flower language meanings.

The blooming sight and smell of the flowers will be the first thing your guests notice when they enter the venue. Your guests will be captivated by the alluring scent of the beautiful flowers you have chosen. The colour and scent of your flowers are important. However, adding the magic touch of historical associations to the chosen flowers will give your wedding more meaning.

The Meaning Behind “The Language of Flowers”.

Since ancient times, people have used nature to express their feelings. Symbolic meanings were first defined in the Victorian era. Flowers were one of the most meaningful symbols. It all started with the simple exchange of flowers to express our feelings. Flowers are now used to communicate feelings and express emotions in many situations.

There are many flower language and school of thought dictionaries available today. The meanings behind specific flowers may vary from one region to the next. These wide-ranging meanings and definitions allow floral arrangements to communicate themes, motives, emotional content, and a variety of other meanings through their composition.

No matter what sentiment you want to convey through your wedding, there are always flowers that can meet your needs. Every flower tells a story, just like every photo.

We have done extensive research on various flowers and the meanings they carry to help you determine which flowers are historically useful.

The Rose

Roses are the most important flower in the world. Roses symbolise love and affection, so it’s no surprise that they are used in more weddings.

Roses can have a deeper meaning. Depending on the colour, this classic flower can have many meanings. Red roses are associated with love, passion, beauty, and love. On the other hand, white roses represent purity, innocence, and youthfulness. Peach roses are a sign of sincerity, while pink roses represent admiration, gentleness, and grace.

You can communicate your message using specific arrangements. A single rose flower can signify devotion, while two roses paired together can be used to represent the wedding. According to Victorian floral arrangement rules, thirteen roses signify affection from an unknown admirer.

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are delicate flowers that have a sweet scent. This flower is associated with April and adds a delicate and feminine touch to centrepieces and bouquets. Its rich and soothing nature makes it a great choice for any theme wedding. This two-petalled flower is symbolic of innocence and girliness.


Gardenias are bright white flowers with a sweet scent. These flowers are popular for wedding bouquets. They are a classic choice for floral arrangements at weddings because of their heady scent and vibrant, voluptuous flowers. They are captivating in their fragrance, and their pastel colours are stunning.

Many meanings given to gardenias include purity, love, peace, tranquillity, refinement, love, and love. Like many flowers, the meaning of a gardenia’s colour is often determined by its colour. While white gardenias can convey harmony, peace, and tranquillity, red gardenias communicate love and affection between two people, much like red roses. However, red gardenias have a closer relationship with secrecy than roses.


Hydrangea, a flower first discovered in Japan, roughly means “water barrel” and refers to its cup-shaped blooms. Hydrangeas were not used as wedding flowers in the Victorian era because of their negative associations. They depicted a person as cold, boastful and cold.

They have a Japanese counterpart. They are used in Japan to express gratitude. A Japanese legend also has hydrangea. It is believed that an ancient emperor gifted it to his wife as a token of his gratitude for his choice to be emperor instead of his duties to her. To show your appreciation to your spouse, you can add hydrangeas in your floral arrangements.

The Lily of the Valley

Because of its lovely symbolism and beautiful scent, the Lily of The Valley flower is often used in wedding ceremonies and religious ceremonies. It can be grown in your own garden or used in perfumes. They are sometimes called the May Lily. In the language of flowers, they represent the “return to happiness” and symbolize purity, joy, happiness, luck and humility.

Because of their symbolism, they are often the first choice for Royal Weddings. Kate Middleton chose Lily of the Valley with its stunning bloom to be her wedding bouquet.

Freesia, a beautiful bell-shaped flower with a citrus-yellow scent, is delicious. It is one of the most loved fragrant flowers, and florists love using it as a centerpiece or bouquet. Freesia is a popular choice for bridal bouquets because of its delicate scent. However, they are very difficult to grow in a domestic garden and their petals can be delicate. They are the seventh anniversary flower and signify the long life of the couple.

Freesia, with its sweet scent and intricate watercolor-like tones, was considered the ultimate flower for trust in Victorian times. These sweetly scented flowers are a symbol of friendship, trust and honesty. For floral arrangements, freesia should always be considered as they symbolize the intimacy and trust between a couple.

The Peony

The peony is a flower that has a documented history of thousands of years. It is often surrounded with mythological legends, each one associating it with different meanings. Peonies, the traditional Chinese floral symbol and the twelfth anniversary flower for Indiana, are known as the flower that symbolizes love, romance, riches, honor and the strength of a relationship.

The Peony was used in Victorian times to convey the emotion of bashfulness and good fortune.

Buttercups (Ranunculus)

Buttercups are well-known for their bright colors. This rounded flower looks like a camellia, and has multiple layers of crepe-like petals. These bright blooms are available in many colors, including elegant whites and delicate roses to fiery reds or regal golds. Ranunculus, a native to Asia, is well-known for its brilliant beauty.

Ranunculus, also known as Coyote’s Eyes or Ranunculus, is a legend that a mythological Coyote was looking up at the sky and when an Eagle flew by to grab them. Coyote, feeling helpless and unable to see, decided to make new eyes with Buttercups. Ranunculus is a legend that has made them attractive and beautiful.

In Victorian-era Victorian times, the Ranunculus flower was a symbol of radiant charm and attractiveness. It was used widely as a bouquet gift to convey the message that a person’s appearance is radiant or charming.

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