Expression of your Intentions using Different Color Diamonds

Red Diamond. 3D Render

White diamonds were the ideal symbol of love and affection back in those days. White diamond rings were a common way for couples to propose. With coloured diamonds now being used, the trend is changing. To make their proposal unique, people are turning to coloured diamonds. There are many coloured diamonds on the market, so it is important to understand what each one means before deciding.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are also known as Canary Diamonds. They add a beautiful shine and sparkle to any jewellery. These are the most well-known coloured diamonds globally, and they are often the first choice for many couples looking for a coloured diamond.

While being a symbol of love and dedication, Yellow diamonds symbolise devotion and love. They are the symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and intellect. They are the beginning of a lasting relationship.

Purple Diamonds

The second most widely used colour is purple. The stunning beauty of purple diamonds is due to their red, brown, or pink overtones. This adds an extra layer of elegance and classiness.

Purple is a colour that reflects calmness and balance. Purple diamonds are a great addition to any married life. This makes them extremely rare and increases their value.

Red Diamonds

Red diamonds are a symbol of passion, love and affection. These diamonds often represent the foundation of a relationship. They are not usually found in nature but can be manufactured artificially in the labs. This makes them less expensive to buy.

Red diamonds are extremely rare, with only 30 being discovered globally. This makes them rarer than pink diamonds.

Pink Diamonds

Just like red colour diamonds, pink colour diamonds are coveted rare items. A pink diamond’s soft, pastel colour evokes a feminine touch. Pink diamonds encourage creativity, making them a great choice for creative women. They are great for accent jewellery and as centrepieces.

Green Diamonds

Chameleon or green colour diamonds, also known as chameleons, are rare natural diamonds that can be found. They should not be confused with blue. You can find them in many colours, from dark olive greens to yellowish greens. These diamonds reflect youth, vitality, activity, and joy. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves life. A green diamond can also be added to a wedding band to signify the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

It is extremely difficult to find green colour diamonds. If you are looking for something unique, a green diamond might be the right choice.

Chocolate Diamonds

The chocolate colour diamonds have a rich, luxurious tone which gives them a deep sense of beauty. They represent many elements of Earth combined. They symbolise clarity, order, consistency, and a healthy natural feeling.

Contrary to other coloured diamonds, you can get chocolate colour diamonds at a very affordable price to make your diamond stand out.

Artificial Diamonds

Many people will not be able to purchase a natural purple, red, pink or green diamond. Although lab-grown diamonds have been available for many years, laboratories have synthesised diamonds for many years. Finding a synthetic blue, green, pink or red diamond may not be as difficult as you think. Artificial diamonds can be as affordable as natural diamonds.

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