5 Trendy Wedding Cake Options

very happy married couple at their wedding cake together outdoors on sunny summer day at their marriage

Wedding cakes are an integral part of every wedding, according to tradition. As we may all know, the times are changing. Weddings are becoming more personal. This can be seen in the rise of non-cake wedding cakes. Couples are choosing to customize their wedding cakes, which has led to various options for traditional wedding cakes. If you don’t like traditional cakes, there are many sweet treats that you can choose from.

A Pie Alternative

You might prefer pies to traditional cakes if you love pies. There are many options for pies, including apple, blackberry, cherry, pecan and cherry. To make a cake look like a cake, stack several pies or offer guests a variety of pies at their dessert table.

Are you not a fan of sweets? Many savoury options can be used in place of traditional wedding cakes. A meat pie is another option for traditional weddings. You can also order a meat pie-style wedding cake. Remember the Game of Thrones pigeon-filled wedding pie? Long before the advent of wedding cakes, pies were a common tradition. A speciality shop can sell a meat pie starting at $100.

Savoury Cheesecake Alternative

Cheese wedding cakes are a popular, savoury option to traditional wedding cakes all over the globe. These cheese wedding cakes are made up of multiple layers of cheese arranged in the same manner as traditional wedding cakes. The cream cheese is usually sandwiched between layers, and the cake is decorated with a sprinkle of parmesan. For a more enjoyable experience, you can serve cheesecake with fruits and flowers to your guests.

Cupcake Alternative

Cupcakes make a great alternative to traditional wedding cakes. Cupcakes are a crowd-pleaser. You can stack small cupcakes on top of a cupcake tower to have a traditional cake cutting ceremony. Even better, you can give your guests cupcakes at the end. You have many options to make your wedding day a success, as long as your imagination is sweet. For more ideas, consult your baker!

A Cookie Alternative

Cookies are a great alternative to a wedding cake. They offer a wide variety of options and are highly coveted. There are many options for wedding cookies. You can make them cute, creative, or traditional and still please your guests. These cookies are easy to personalize and can easily be made to match your chosen theme or venue. Cookies are like cupcakes and can be used to indulge your inner child but more adorably.

Doughnut Alternative

You can make a cost-effective, delicious alternative to your wedding cake by making doughnuts. Doughnuts can be a beautiful alternative to the wedding cake and are a cheap treat. To make a stunning wedding cake, stack them on top of one another.

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