5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

A bride and a groom is cutting their wedding cake

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. It happens quickly, even before you realize it. Preparation is crucial. After finding the perfect photographer, it is time to create a photo list. Although the photographer can often give you advice on the best moments to capture, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want.

The Details of the Wedding Venue

The most important aspect of any marriage is the wedding venue. Many couples spend hours searching for the right venue for their wedding. You want to capture your ceremony location in beautiful photos before you say ‘I do’. To preserve the design, have your photographer arrive early so that guests don’t arrive. The unique atmosphere created by a venue without anyone allows for unique photos. It also allows the bride and Groom to truly take in all the planning and effort into the event. These images can be shared with your guests to make a souvenir or used as background for your thank-you notes.

Bridal Dress

The wedding dress is a major deal because it attracts everyone’s attention. Some people have dreamed of their wedding dress since they were little girls, twirling in front of the mirror. It is crucial to take photos of your wedding gown from every stage of the process. Begin by getting dressed with the help of your friends. Ask your photographer for a formal shot of you in your bridesmaid dress for a great wedding portrait. To capture the perfect moment, photograph the dress from behind using a trailing veil. Consider hiring a professional photographer to help with the more difficult parts of the planning process. Memories such as your first haircut, first makeup or dress fittings are great to capture.

First Looks

It is crucial to capture the first looks well. They are often the most inspirational photos of any wedding. Your photographer should capture the Groom’s first glance at his bride in her gown and the parents’ first glimpse at their children as adults. Your photographer should capture the moment the bride and Groom enter the venue. However, it is worth asking them to record the crowd’s reactions as they approach. These photos will be great memories for the future so make sure you get them all!

Bridal Party

Group photography can be started right after the ceremony is over. Ask your photographer to take informal photos of the bridesmaids, groomsmen and other guests before and after the ceremony. You love them for that reason, and you want them to be there at your wedding. Allow them to have fun and show off their true self in the photos.

The Cake

You’ve likely paid a lot to have the best wedding cake delivered by a bakery. You are likely to eat it together. You can ask your photographer to take photos of the wedding cake in all its glory. You might be able to look back at your cake photos in years to follow. You can also capture the joyful moments of cutting the cake and the happy moments when you smear it all over your partner.

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